Inspired by Angel Timmy

Timmy, son of Diane Wamhoff, was a young man with a bright smile and caring personality. When Diane describes him, the first thing she talks about is how much he loved kids, always doing things to help a child in need. His life was tragically cut short in April, 1993, when he died in a car accident. Diane was devastated, and wanted to do something to keep him in her heart. She knew that helping children was what Timmy would have wanted, so she began traveling and trying to identify how she could help in a way that she felt would make Timmy smile down on her.


After much searching, she found herself in Honduras. When she traveled up the mountain with Sister Theresita and saw the children, she knew she was in the right place. Timmy was leading her there, to the children who needed so much help, who had no one. Diane was at home, on a mountain now known as Timmy’s Mountain to all who travel there. Each child in school knows who Angel Timmy is. His name is present on the every project, and his spirit is alive in the community.